Xhirez is simply a powerful tool that let you search for jobs, screen, and hire faster in real-time. They allocate different opportunities available in different industries to get suitable candidates hired.

Our Contribution

Mobile Application & Website UI/UX, Logo Style


2 Months

Xhirez strives to align the available jobs to the various job seekers making the hiring process easy for both candidates and recruiters. Every single day, they connect millions of people to different opportunities via the usage of deep technology and dynamic algorithms. They tend to facilitate all kinds of industries that require Blue-Collar jobs and handle the entire technical infrastructure.

Your job hunt is now powered by AI, the internet, and evolution. Employers can also run advertisements/promotions for their openings. Xhirez scrapes thousands of job openings from company career pages.


Xhirez aims to build the largest career site in the world to help recruiters and candidates with the best opportunities available. At the heart of success and innovation, Xhirez enables you to start your career with internships or grow by finding the perfect opportunity.


When it comes to finding the right opportunity, it becomes tough for the seekers to allocate the opportunities as per their preferences. Also in terms of recruiters, they find it difficult to find a suitable candidate to carry on the responsibilities.

There’s too much noise in the market with different unreliable applications available that mislead the candidates and industries.

Recruiters feel that there’s a shortage of the right talent in the market, which means their opening is not visible to the right candidates.

Lack of data-driven methods that require proper verification of both candidates and recruiters. They need to align with complete transparency throughout the process. Each requires extensive research, consultation, and fact-checking.


The greatest product design challenge is to rigorously define a design process that is predictable from the end-to-end user experience for all kinds of users.

We needed to implement different control panels and screens for industries and candidates and it needed to regulate the human processes.

The product development strategy and design solutions needed to run in parallel with the company’s business goals.

They needed to get it done in a short period of time but had all the features and requirements to fulfill with the application.

Integrating various industry information is vast and growing every single day. Hence it needed to be catered to so that not a single interest is left behind and hence the talent acquisition expedite.

Our Solutions

To meet the challenging needs of the design sphere, we laid the foundation for the process. That met all the requirements to easily operate and understand.

We have maintained to reduce the distractions by well-applied spacing throughout the designs. That cut the clutters out and resulted in an aesthetic design.

We have incorporated the current navigation scheme to create the hierarchy block throughout the website screens and mobile application.

Being aware of the visual journey gives you the power to manipulate the design as per obligation and that’s what we have assimilated.

We have balanced the symmetry throughout the screens so that it doesn’t appear bulging. Hence it becomes a highly responsive platform. Consistency and clarity play a part to make the interface reliable.


We made sure to communicate to all possible members involved in this project to accurately understand the requirements from the first day. This helped us to gain easy navigation and hence high user retention.

Style Guide

Keeping it simple and elegant through each screen was our primary focus and we picked the blue color as it builds the trustworthiness of the application.

Visual Output

To address the interface layouts across screen sizes we designed an aesthetically pleasing digital product for Xhirez that is highly responsive, familiar, and satisfying without compromising the functionality.

We collaborated with PointofViewer for designing our website and mobile application. We enjoyed communicating with the team and they clears all the obscurity in the ideas and really comes up with a fresh point of view.

Prakhar Abhishek Founder of Greenusys Technology

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